"Saeedeh helped me to find a solution by myself. She helped me to analyses my topic and somehow set my expectations. I can only recommend."

Sareh, 20 Jan 2022

"Lovely session with Saeedeh. Saeedeh and I spoke about coaching, we broke down its importance, and addressed how it differs from therapy and consulting. Looking forward for future meetings!"

Fuad, 25 Jun 2022

"Saeedeh is amazing. She helped me by asking questions that get me to know myself better, which as a result I could remove all the clouds that blocked my views, find clarity and make concrete decisions. I really enjoyed it. Thank you Saeedeh!"

Lily, 18 FEB 2022

"My session with Saeedeh was really nice, she asked questions that helped organize my goals and future plans, offering me clarity in my next steps towards achieving my goals and navigating a work-life balance."

Chinaemerem Ohajianya, 25 May 2022

"Saeedeh and I had a session today where in she coached me on how to solve my challenge at work and found the session useful with tips to identify and address the challenges."

Srunick, April 2022

"Great coaching, very targeted and catering to all points I mentioned. Saeedeh is very empathic and helpful. Recommended."

Nicolas, Feb 22, 2022

" Saeedeh is very easy to talk to and thus share life experiences. She knows how to encourage people after listening to what they want. Also, she is understanding of the emotions that I shared with her. Thank you very much :)"

Prapti, Feb 7, 2022

"Thank you for your help and advices, I will try it and I will also keep contact with you to help me get better:-)"

CC, Feb 6, 2022

"Very targeted, empathetic and effective coaching. Definitely recommended! Thank you for your great work!"

Nadine, Jan 24, 2022

"I had a coaching session with Saeedeh. Even with having only session, she helped me to identify the source of the issue I was sharing with her. Since then I'm more self-aware of my behavior with regard to my problem. She is a good listener. In our isolated life, we all need to share our concerns with someone. Saeedeh responses with a lot of emphaty."

Sami, Jan 20, 2022

"I had a nice conversation with Saeedeh and felt very good after the session. She supported me to follow my dreams and encouraged me to get that in life what I want. I’m looking forward to talk to her again and wish her much success in her job and she founds more people who trust in her and also get help from her. The first session with her is free so everyone can use this opportunity to get her to know. Many thanks Saeedeh."

Thorsten Schildgen, May 24, 2022

"I had a number of coaching sessions with Saeedeh. She's a great listener, who helps and navigates you through your thoughts to understand the origin and cause of your current status. She's compassionate and caring. My discussion with her brought clarity for me. I appreciate her help very much and recommend her sincerely."

Parvaneh, May 3, 2022

"I liked the way Saeedeh has pointed out a change of perspective in my thinking system that could lead to a positive change in my life situation. I am starting a new journey to rediscover myself as an expat in Berlin towards a more confident person overall. Thank you!"

Cristina, Feb 23, 2022

"I would like to thank Saeedeh, the organizer of this group. I just had a session with her and she is absolutely phenomenal! I highly appreciate the structured approach to career counseling that was tailored to my needs and personal vision. I felt very comfortable speaking with her because she is very supportive, a great listener, and has so much wisdom and experience and a wonderful person all around. I highly recommend that you sign up for her classes!!"

Rawaa, Apr 22, 2022

"Thanks, Saeedeh for your precious time. It was a wonderful session with you. I really appreciate your listening and understanding skills, being available every time I messaged, giving quick replies, very calm and compassionate during the whole session, asking the right question that made me evaluate myself. All the answers are within us, only need to dive within by asking the right questions which require a pearl of great wisdom and analytical skills. Oriented to solving a problem within the same session which overall gives a valuable result to us. Thanks again for being so humble. "

Surbhi, May 6, 2022

"Thank you Saeedeh for that session, you really opened my eyes to view things from a positive perspective, and helped me search deeper within myself. You also reminded not to be hard on myself and believe I am right on tract. I am really grateful can’t wait for the next session. Blessings!"

Njeri Kimani, Jun 1, 2022

"Dear Saeedeh, Thanks for our one hour together. Thanks for letting me see another point of view and your reflection and advice. Thanks"

Antoaneta Petrova, May 17, 2022

"It was a helpful and relaxing experience to feel growth with somebody who is intellectual and calm. Thanks, dear Saeedeh! Keep going on.."

Deli, Jun 4, 2022

"Thank you very much for the nice and informative session. You helped me to get more clarity on my next tasks and how to accomplish them."

Shamil, Jun 16, 2022

"Saeedeh was kind and welcoming. She had a good grasp of the situation and provided thoughtful reflections. Those who want to be heard and need clarity of their situation may schedule a session with her."

Bhavna, Apr 24, 2022

"I had a session with Saeedeh and it was very pleasant and giving. She asked me questions that made me think about my goals and dreams in a way that I hadn't before. Thank you, Saeedeh :)"

Simon Dahlberg, May 10, 2022

"OMG, It was perfect meeting. She is awesome 🙂 Thank you a lot Saeedeh!"

Shima, May 13, 2022

" Many thanks, Saeedeh, for all the thoughtful reflections! You helped me a lot."

María Cristina Tarazona Aranda, May 27, 2022